Investors and contractors in public and private sectors must work with a reliable partner to help ensure that their buildings and infrastructure projects meet expected levels of quality, safety and affordability. Additionally, institutional buildings need to be efficiently operated and maintained, often lasting beyond their designÆs intended lifespan and adapting to different uses over time.


We help public and private companies construct infrastructure such as hotels, shopping center, schools and hospitals on time, and on budget.

Pre-project services

Through technical and sustainability studies, we provide technical assistance and assess the feasibility and risk of your projectÆs infrastructure from the start. We conduct reviews of regulations and standards, ensure code compliance and permitting, and provide preliminary geotechnical studies and surveys. Our design review services help optimize your project

Construction and procurement services

By addressing health and safety risks, we help ensure projects are on time and on budget. Our Independent Checking Engineers are qualified, experienced personnel deployed to client sites to provide technical oversite of design and construction activities. We provide technical supervision and PMC/A technical control as well as testing and assessment of construction materials. Other services include claim assistance, shop inspection and QA/QC.

Operation and maintenance services

We can ensure peace of mind throughout the life cycle of an asset or building, managing inventory and assessing its performance throughout its lifecycle. Our in-depth knowledge of local regulations enables us to provide in-service inspections of fire, electrical and boiler equipment to public infrastructure operators worldwide.